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From the trials of the "Minnesota 8" Source Testimony of

a witness called by and on behalf of Defendant Therriault, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

THE COURT: Before you commence with this witness, I want to say a word to the jury. We have had a conference between the attorneys and the Court in my chambers at some length at 12:30 and again at 2:00. The defendants have outlined the evidence they intend to produce and the witnesses they intend to call. It is impossible for the Court preliminarily, without hearing the evidence, to rule on its relevance or irrelevance, and I have indicated that the defendants within limits might proceed. There is a continuing objection based on what the Government anticipates these witnesses will be asked and their testimony.

I have ruled against that objection and have said that they can appear and testify. But that does not mean that at this time the Court is thereby saying that their testimony is or is not relevant or entitled to great or little or no weight.

I just want you to understand that when they start, because until we hear it and until it is presented, it is impossible for the Court to rule on it.

With that understanding, these next several witnesses that will be called are called on that bas The Court has indicated to counsel, to both counsel certain restrictions as to some matters that in any event won't be gone into, and I trust you will abide that.

All right. You may proceed.

MR. TILSEN: I will try, Your Honor.

Q How old are you, Mr. Neilson?
A I am 23.
Q Where do you live?
A Minneapolis.
Q Are you married or single?
A Married.
Q Do you have any children?
A One.
Q Boy or girl?
A A girl; Sunday.
Q Congratulations. How is your wife?
A Pretty sore.
Q How long have you lived in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis?
A About two years, since I got out of the service.
Q Where did you live before you went into the service?
A Big Lake, which is about 30 miles outside of the city.
Q Did you go to school in Big Lake?
A No.
Q Where did you go to school?
A I went to Sterling School, a private school in Craftsbury, Vermont.
Q Is your family in Big Lake?
A No.
Q Where do they live?
A In New York City.
Q Where do you work -- what kind of work do you do?
A I am a cabinetmaker.
Q Do you work in a cabinet shop herein town?
A Yes, I do.

Q Were you in the military service?
A Yes, I was.
Q From when to when?
A February '66 to February '68.
Q In what branch?
A United States Marine Corps.
Q While in the military service, where did you obtain your basic training?
A San Diego, California.
Q Did you go through the same basic training and were you taught the same things as the other Marines at San Diego?
A Yes, I was.
Q Upon leaving boot camp, where did you serve next?
A I went to Camp Pendleton to pick up my basic infantryman's training.
Q How long was your training, first, at San Diego?
A Eight weeks.
Q Then how long were you at Camp Pendleton?
A Four weeks.
Q Then what happened?
A Then I got, I believe, 20 days leave and then I was sent to Viet Nam.



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